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Contrast Ultrasound

Contrast Ultrasound

From a historical perspective, ultrasound is regarded as a very operator-dependent basic imaging modality. The combination of bubble contrast agents with the latest evolving equipment has the potential to transform the whole clinical role of ultrasound to provide a flexible low-cost bedside diagnostic imaging capability equivalent or superior to many existing modalities such as CT, MRI and Nuclear Medicine.

Ultrasound contrast agents offer high sensitivity (the ability to 'see' a single bubble) with a safety profile that is at least as good as conventional contrast agents. Targeted bubbles, computer aided diagnosis, focused ultrasound therapy etc are just a few of the potential equipment-contrast combinations that will provide cost-effective future healthcare solutions. A family of new bubbles in development offers the potential to extract significant additional clinical information in an efficient automated way.

Our ageing population and spiraling healthcare costs together with the need to shift healthcare away from a hospital setting, are compelling reasons for a dramatic future growth in ultrasound.

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